Best part of Fargo weekends in the summer

Happy halfways-through summer! This past weekend was gorgeous and sunny and hot and perfect… to be at the lake. But you know what! My suntan needed a sun-break. So we stuck around the area this weekend, went to the Red River Farmers Market Saturday morning (and so did around 5,000 other people I’ve heard since!)

With a somewhat last minute plan we headed out to Maplewood State Park and went hiking for the afternoon and then stopped at THE raddest hole-in-the-wall burger place ever in between Lake Lida and Pelican Rapids. We waited an hour and a half for our burgers and it was 100% worth it. Here are some fun shots from the weekend:

Our “original” last minute plan was to go to Sibley State Park in southern Minnesota but we have a few more things on our camping checklist we need to get before we can plan to take a 5 hour trip + camp. Go explore!

Getting this lake-life, *green* tree lovin girl to the South

It’s about 8 months past due but for anyone following along to my all-over-the-place life you probably heard about or saw my adventures to the Wild West last May. (I still catch myself saying “Arizona? No I’ve never been there!” …. Ugh Linds, get it together!) I was blessed with the opportunity to go along with Johns’ family on an awesome road trip down through Colorado, Utah and Arizona. It was kind of the gateway to my obsession with wanting to go everywhere! His cousins did a similar trip the year before & with there being so much to see they started planning their second adventure down in the red, rocky desert.

I want to share a *few* of the pictures (between the 5 of us we got so. many. pictures you guys!), and of course give you a few tips and tricks from my experiences. So many things I would never have thought of or known. Hopefully by the end of this post I’ll have you wanting to start your own road trip plans. (A few disclaimers to start off, but the first being I take no credit at the lay out/path & destinations, bookings of hotels, tours, ect. Johns cousin was WONDERFUL enough to piece everything together for us as we had never been there. This is the one thing I need to work on; doing more research of the places I plan to visit & knowing my options so I can piece it successfully together on my own. Workin’ on it!!)

The Grand Canyon-South rim. I’m pretty positive these few pictures were taken by Johns cousin!

 Lady in the Wind- Antelope Canyon. Both tours were put on by a band of Navajo Indians (not even sure if I’m phrasing that right, they were expensive but so worth it after getting to the canyons. They were two separate tours & both our tour guides (younger girls, 100% Navajo–so cool!) were absolutely wonderful. Full of knowledge and so cool to talk to. Technically these two canyons aren’t property of the US Government so our park passes didn’t work; hence paying the park fees. These are right outside Page, Arizona.

In no particular order of the pictures, we left Minnesota in the early morning and drove all day to western Colorado. It was definitely a comfy pants kind of day. We were planning to stop earlier around supper time to stay but decided to push on a few more hours that way when we got up in the morning we would only be a couple hour drive from our first destination (Arches National Park!)


The three blondes in front of Blondies outside of Zion in a town called Springdale in Utah. My second favorite town just after Moab (which I don’t have any pictures of & we stayed in the cutest motel). This town was so cool because they had shuttles to bring you right to the entrance of Zion and then you hopped on another set that brought you to every trail-head for more hiking.

  Thors hammer …that I’m stealing obviously. Now it’s Lindsay’s hammer.

  Practicing head stands on the famous tree… I’ve gotten better since this I think haha!


The guy in the Texas hat helping me down because I thought gravity was up to no good and gonna shove me off the mountain. I think his name was James & we were BFF’s if you can’t tell 😉

The picture before this was literally the trail we hiked up & back down. The next few pictures are once we got to the top, absolutely breathtaking! At the time I was like what was I thinking doing this but it was 100% worth it, I’d like to try it in better shape next time.


Oh hey. Just casually waving ha!

Yoga on rocks is a thing.. I only made everyone take about a thousand pictures of me doing yoga on rocks. ha!

Bryces looking over the hoodoos (and being excited, clearly).

Actually nervous I might fly off with the wind. It was so windy, more than once people would stay close to the ground to avoid being pushed around by gusts of wind. So cool.

Ten heart-eyed emojis here! This was still very towards the beginning of our hike in Zion at Angels Landing with the three patriarchs in the background. Named after our biblical fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I actually tried keeping a little travel-journal to write down and keep track of where we were. I failed at this because 10 hours of hiking around a day will put you down at night. Zion had to be my most favorite, I loved touring the canyons outside of Page with our tour guides and lastly we hiked down to Indian Gardens in the Grand Canyon Southern Rim. It was awful coming back up, I’m not gonna lie to ya. Worth it? Totally. At the time, no! Coming back up I almost called for a donkey or helicopter. Actually I literally did but nobody heard. Did you know they have actual volunteer park rangers that hike up and down during the day?! And I saw a pack of nuns. NUNS. In nun shoes. They were going down as we were coming up and all I could think was… Lord, help them.

Thanks for checking out all my exciting pictures if you’ve made it thus far! Again, so many pictures were taken and a few of these I do not claim as my own as we even had a professional photographer with us! Just a few of my faves I uploaded from my iPad (which took THREE DAYS.)



womans’ march?

…So uh, was this the first year this has ever happened? Or does it happen every year and I just missed it? Was it about Trump? Or did some law against women just pass that I missed? I really want to read some of the articles showing up on my Facebook but it’s so hard to take them seriously (cough cough fake news). I mean I know which of my Facebook friends are pretty conservative and which are liberal and articles that both sides “share” mean nothing to me. It’s mostly someones ranting-opinion (example: “this is so dumb!” OR “well if you’re a woman and weren’t out marching then you don’t care about progressing as a gender”). Which is what this is essentially except I’m not ranting about anything specific and I truly want to know!

But other than that I wanted to share this link because (to me) it describes perfectly what we SHOULD be worried about and fighting for. And also I think everyone should just go hang out on her website for awhile & learn something new!

Living Whole Blog <<on Women’s March

Check it out! When I first started researching and learning about (well.. literally everything on her website!) I found it/her super user friendly, honest, educated, and now I literally hand this website out like candy to friends and family that ever ask for a good place to start.


Thanks for following along!


Tuesdays with Morrie+Book Review

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThere’s just something about book reviews from other people that I love to hear or read about. Whenever I have a new client or am able to make a conversation with someone new one of the first things I ask is if they like to read. If they like to read I know I’ve struck a golden conversation piece. I usually always take their advice if they’ve read a book that they insist I need in my life.

I forget who referred this one to me, but I picked it up during my last Barnes & Noble run. Tuesdays with Morrie was one that hit home to me because my grandma being sick. When you’re struck with an illness & are forced to live under the complete care of others you tend to have some time to think. If you can find someone like Mitch Albom in your life to take note and who writes a book about a mans last dying thoughts and wishes to people you almost have to read it. (Side note, if someone told me to read this even five or six years ago I probably wouldn’t have. It’s a timing thing to be able to really appreciate it; in my opinion.)

Morrie is diagnosed with ALS & spends the last of his months on earth reflecting the true meaning of life. He touches on religion and believing in God & a greater power, but mostly he talks about the importance of the moments you’re given & how much you can do before your time runs out. It’s deep guys. You’ll get emotional. The author is an old student of Morrie’s and he visits him every Tuesday for the last months of his life.

“Devote yourself to loving others, your community, and creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” Don’t walk around with a meaningless life. These are just some of Morrie’s thoughts before he passes; which he is aware of even though in this phase of life everyone is pretending everything is OK. Appreciate what you have and take heart in the little things. When it’s nice out don’t waste it.

This book taught me a lot and honestly helps to know that my grandma & my family aren’t the only ones to have gone through terrible sickness. Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, as it teaches you, helps you grow and you’ll always walk away having learned something. Have you read this book?? Will you read this book now that you’ve read this entire post 😉 Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from everyone!

RedRiverFarmersMarket+PrairieRoots Coop

Where do you guys get your fresh produce?? Fargo-Moorhead has erupted with Farmers Markets this past year, but my favorite one by far is the Red River Market downtown. I’ve had the chance to go a few times this summer… Only one weekend left! I am IN LOVE with the autumn harvests (SQUASH!) Oh man I’ll be sad when it’s too cold to wander around the farmers market with coffee in hand!

WELL people, if you’re from Fargo or the surrounding area, then you may know about the Prairie Roots co-op. Today I joined to become a MEMBER and I’m SO excited. From what I remember they’re opening Sprint 2017 but I am so stoked to be a part of something like this for our community! If anything gets my attention it’s natural, fresh, local and organic & this has it all. If you’re interested find more out here. (Most bigger cities have this already, well Fargo is finally with the times!) I encourage you to look into become a member if you’re from around the area, they have different payment options so it’s affordable for everyone to have healthy options.

I’m so excited! Here I am being excited:


One more week of the market guys! October 29th. Be there!

Essential Oils

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

All right. I’ll admit it. I’m sick. I haaate being sick. (Who likes it? I guess maybe some people who get to call in sick to work might like it.) I rarely have to worry about getting sick because I like to think I’m a healthy eater AND I have my oils [insert ten love-eyed emojis]! (My friends hate me ha). Anyways, I’ll keep this pretty simple because there are rules about talking about these oils and because I’m “technically” a consultant I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. But without further rambling let me tell you about my three (most recent) fave oils:


  • If everyone around you is sick/sniffling/coughing all over I diffuse this EVERY night as well as put it neat on the bottom of my feet (neat=straight oil to the skin, no dilution.) It’s a mix of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary.


  • YOU GUYS THIS STUFF IS THE BEST. I literally went from sinus/headache, to stuffy nose to awkward cough since Wednesday. Rub this on the sides of your nose, under your nose and around your bellybutton and it’s like you’ve been taking Sudafed. (Warning, gross description, I was blowing my nose for like five minutes and it was SO RELIEVING. I wanted to tell the world! ..Now I did!) Also side note I’ve only taken Sudafed once so that’s how I know how it basically empty’s your brain. DigestZen is also a blend of a half a dozen or so oils.


  • Lemon here, there; for you, me… everywhere! Green tea, drop of lemon and some honey.

I am so grateful that essential oils came into my life. I’m happy knowing that I have a more natural option to help me. It’s an investment, friends! But you can throw out all the toxic cleaning supplies and medicines from your cabinets & make your own with a more natural option. Do you use essential oils?? If so, what kind? I’d love to answer any questions if you have!


My heart wants to be here, & there.

My heart wants to be here, and there. 

I want to do all the things, and I want to have a place to tell my story. To write and read again later. To tell tales to strangers on the internet who are looking to relate to another stranger because sometimes it’s easier that way. To show my life in pictures.

Does anyone have answers for me? My life is exactly the way I want it to be; but if only there was more time.

Research should be a part of every decision you make.

Every day. If you’re unsure, concerned, confused; your instinct is usually right. Especially with today’s technology at your finger tips (cough cough, the Internet.) Otherwise I’m sure there are still some encyclopedias around out there, especially if you’re the type that thinks the Internet is only full of “blogs” with people’s “opinions”. (Sigh). 

But to play on the other side of that, blogs are real life experience of instances that happen to individuals. Even if it can’t be “sourced” back to science. But guess what: science is not always right. Millions of dollars spent on the next new idea to be discovered or cured but the findings are usually found later to be (gasp) wrong. #mindblown. So back to the title of this post: use the tools you have to research what you can & use your gut and common sense. And by all means, if you want to use a blog to help you out; do it! Just make sure to keep in mind to keep researching the topics you’re passionate about on BOTH sides.

In our world where the government is as corrupt as it is, Big Pharma owns everything and the media is just as bad because the aforementioned owns it you owe it to yourself to educate yourself because nobody else will. They want you to believe what they show & there’s wayyy more out there. Once you know the truth it’s sooo hard to keep quiet about it all. Ugh!

glassesUSA ftw🤓

Ugh my emoji & abbv. game is strong. (My blogging book says don’t use confusing lingo or emojis, readers don’t like that.) pfhhh. What do published authors know anyways (😜😜😜 just kidding!) 

Quick update on how excited I am over these new eye glasses I just bought. You’ll never even guess where I found the company I purchased them through!!

Instagram. Yep. I did. It’s awesome. I’ve always had the worlds worst eyes & never really dabbled in the Internet world of ordering glasses or contacts or anything really (until my recent obsession with Amazon. Which I think I order stuff like every other day.) I finally just decided to plug in the prescription my eye doc gave me & picked out a pair that looked good on the Instagram model. 

I know what you’re thinking! Of all the things that could go wrong 😁 what if the lenses are wrong? The width of your face? The color? The glare? Literally everything. I decided to cut my losses and order them anyways. They were on sale & I had a 50% off first time ordering code+free shipping my grand total came to $83. AND I LOVE THEM. I could not be happier! Completely made my day… And week. And honestly, my entire experience better with having to deal with having bad eyes. (My left eye is bad. Like lenses cost more because it’s that damn complicated.)

So if you’ve been on the fence about wanting to order eyewear online I’m here to tell you to just try it. I’m pretty sure if you don’t love them/they don’t fit right or if anything is wrong they even let you return them. Even the correspondence via email with the company was great. Please excuse the fact that I’m actually kind of hungover in my picture, but it was my first day wearing them so I had to snap a selfie (or course)!

They are called ‘Sam’. They are the best. 

Also feel free to follow me on Instagram guys! 

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